Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Adventures of Papa Bear

If any of you have ever seen the travelocity ads with the traveling gnome you'll get the idea. I brought along one of my (many) teddy bears from home. I got him when my papa was in the hospital so fittingly named him "Papa Bear" he's come with me on many trips through the years and this time he's getting a spotlight. Tim came up with the idea to take pictures of him while we were camping and I've decided to continue on with it so we'll see how many places I can get a picture of him! Here are the ones from Jervis Bay.

Camping at Jervis Bay

This past weekend I went down to Jervis Bay with Tim. If any of you have been in contact with my mother I'm sure you know all about him :-P We left Friday night after work and got there about 10:30 pm. Putting up a tent in the dark wasn't exactly ideal but we did manage to get it standing! We probably would have been screwed if it rained but it did stay up. Once we had the tent up we had a few beers and checked out the stars which were amazing, just like being up north back home. After freezing through the night we got up and checked out the beach during the day - so gorgeous! Bright white beaches and clear blue water, the sun was finally out after weeks of rain. We went swimming and layed in the sun for a while then checked out some beaches near by, it's all in a national park. We tried to get to one by walking but at one point we had to walk up over a hill to get around and as soon as we peaked over the top we were greeted by a man and woman in uniform asking for ID. Apparently we'd stumbled on the Australian Navy base, whoops! It rained Sunday so we left early and took the scenic way home, definitely a nicer drive. Overall it was an awesome weekend, one of the hidden gems of Oz.

Our beach at the campsite

A lovely, flattering photo Tim took while I napped on the beach

Hyam Beach

Cave Beach

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello Again!

I have been VERY bad at updating this recently. I haven't had a camera or decent internet access and not really anything to update on but I guess I should keep it going. I've just started working at a call center in Sydney doing customer service for a weight loss company.. fun! Not. It actually isn't that bad, everyone I work with is really nice and they're all travelers like me for the most part. It's mostly Irish people actually, there was one other Canadian but she quit today. The company is called Igea life sciences, theres three products they sell: Bodytrim (a lifestyle program that tells you what to eat and do to lose weight, no miracle pills or anything) Super Slim (a shake you drink to feel full before meals, ya like that works) and Skin Physics who sell an age recovery system and a cellulite reduction system. I HATE the Skin Physics phone calls, basically the products don't work and therefore everyone calls to complain and send it back to get fixed. The other calls are all pretty straightforward, obviously you get a few nightmare calls but it's not really that bad. Other than the job I haven't really been up to much, trying to keep it low key so I can save up some money. I did go to Manly beach a few weeks ago so here's some shots from that! I will update again soon... I promise!