Monday, January 31, 2011

Darling Harbour

For the first few days I mainly just walked down to Darling Harbour, only like a ten minute walk and nice for just getting to know the streets around me. The day I went down in these pictures was a little cloudy, it was early morning though. I was down with a girl named Mie from Denmark. As you can imagine the name kind of got confusing when explaining things... "Me and Mie are going out" etc. But she was a lot of fun and was really helpful when I first got here as I didn't know anyone and she needed help with english so we made a good match! Darling Harbour is very pretty, especially at night but here are some morning shots. It's usually filled with people but we went around 8:30 so no one was around and it was really quiet, kind of nice to see though! The pictures are of the harbour, the fountains around it and the Sydney 2000 Olympic monument.

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