Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

The Stanley!
I've just moved in to my new digs at Bondi! It's a four bedroom, one bathroom apartment in a complex building called The Stanley. I'm currently living with two guys, one Aussie and one from Britain. The Aussie, Mark, is from Perth and has his degree in architectural design which he did for a few years and is now focusing on creating a men's clothing line. The Brit, Tom, is in school and I can't remember right now what he's taking.. oops! I haven't seen Tom as much the past few days as he's been at school. They are both really good guys, no need to worry brothers and father :p Hopefully another girl will be moving in to the extra room soon but for now it's working out really well! The next step is to find a job... fingers crossed!

I've got all my pictures from home up :)

The living room/kitchen, look Dad I've even got a la-z boy!

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