Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Tim and I went to Fiji for my second last week here. It was so amazing! It started out a little rough, when we landed it was pouring rain, torrential downpour! We waited for our hotel transfer but it never came after an hour so we got a taxi, the roads were brutal, just basically dirt roads so we were bumping along the whole way. The hotel we booked was completely away from anything else and nowhere near the beach, surprising since it's called "The Beachside Resort". When we got there we realized we were the only people staying there! It was deserted, and not the nicest place so we asked to use their internet and booked another hotel closer in. We were at the first hotel for about an hour. Luckily the second one was a lot nicer and the next day the sun came out. We were staying in Nadi (pronounced Nandi) which is on mainland Fiji so we did day trips out to the surrounding islands. The first day we did a sailing trip on a boat called Seaspray which has apparently became famous on an Australian tv show about it. We went to Modriki first, which is the island Cast Away was filmed on, it's complely uninhabited. We snorkelled there for about an hour then went back on the boat for lunch, then onto Yanuya which has a small village on it and a boarding school! It was really cool and we saw a traditional ceremony where two men from our group had to drink cava which is made from a root, they use it for medicine sometimes because it numbs your mouth a bit. We watched the ceremony then we all got to try the cava, kind of tasted like muddy water but it did kind of numb my mouth! After that we sailed back to another island to catch the boat back to Port Denarau where the marina is.


Modriki Island

School on Yanuya Island

On Yanuya with Modriki in the background

Sunset on the way back
On the next day we went out a little further to Mololo Island which was well worth it. We kayaked out to a tiny island you could cross in ten steps then did some snorkelling and sun bathing. On our last day we went to the closest island, South Sea Island, because we had a flight at 6 pm so we had to be back in time.Both days were awesome and it literally looked like we were in a postcard. Paradise!

The ferry that took us around every day

Mololo Island

On South Sea Island

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