Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Week of College

First week finished and the verdict is... good! For anyone who didn't know I'm studing advertising at APM College of Business and Communication in North Sydney. My subjects this term are advertising, marketing, public relations and management principles and practices. So far my favourite classes are advertising and marketing (thankfully!), I really like the teachers in both classes and the projects look like they'll be interesting. Public relations was a little intimidating because it's my biggest class and we had to do a group presentation on the first day! But, hopefully I'll like it better with more time. Management principles and practices is okay, so far most of it just seems common knowledge (a good manager listens, organises etc.). Oh yeah, I will be deducted marks if I spell "organise" or "realise" with a Z so excuse that. I have a quiz next week and some projects due later in the month so jumping right into it. It's been a while since I've been in school but so far I'm enjoying it, small classes and interesting teachers. The school is really new so all nice classrooms and new technology plus I get to see the Opera House on my way to school every day! I'm the only person who looks every time but I still think it's cool! I guess its like the CN Tower for us though. Well, I will keep you all posted on how it goes! X

Oh and for anyone who wants to check it out here's a link to my school:

(I have to remember not to call it school, Tim reminds me every time I say it instead of college because they call elementary and high school just school so people think I'm a lot younger!)

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