Monday, May 30, 2011


I went to Melbourne for a weekend in May, unfortunately yet another camera broke at the end of my roadtrip so I couldn't get any pictures but thought I'd fill everyone in on what it was like. It was pretty cold and rainy when we went so not the best conditions but it was still a really cool place to visit. I wish I'd had more time to go so I could have gone up the Great Ocean Road but oh well. We went shopping downtown the first day, it reminded me a lot of Montreal. Really artsy districts and funky architecture, a lot younger crowd than Sydney as there's a lot of universities in the city. Could have just been the area we were in but that's what it seemed like to me. The big distinctive thing about Melbourne is the trams, streetcars to us I guess, you don`t really see them in any other cities here. We went to a comedy show on the first night, it was hilarious. Luckily Aussie humour is a lot like ours, he only made one Canadian joke and it wasn't too bad. There was an American in the audience so he kind of got picked on. The next day I went to an AFL game, Aussie rules football, which was pretty cool. It`s a strange sport, kind of a mix of soccer, football and rugby. I had a lot of fun in Melbourne, it`s weird because when I was deciding to come here I had to choose between Melbourne and Sydney,who knows what it would have been like if I`d chosen Melbourne! My computers being really slow so I can`t get any pictures off the net but if you google Melbourne architecture you can see some of the cool buildings.

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