Thursday, May 19, 2011

Out in Castle Hill

I agreed to go out with a girl from work one night around where she lives, Castle Hill, not knowing really where it was. I found it it's an hour outside of the city, kind of like the equivalent of the suburbs around Toronto. It was a cute town, a lot like Oakville in some ways, but it was so weird being at her house because shes a year younger than me and still living at home. It was the first time since I got here that I'd been in a family situation, made me so homesick! She lives with her mom and 4 brothers, they were all really sweet. We went out to a local bar near her and everyone was wondering what the hell a Canadian was doing in their town, not exactly a tourist hotspot! It was a lot of fun though, here's just a couple pictures from Emma's phone. I'll update more soon, too tired to put up any more right now!

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