Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Melbourne Cup

On the first Tuesday every November Australia has the Melbourne Cup which is a big horse race down in Melbourne but there's races all around the country that day. It's basically a public holiday or a half day but luckily I didn't have classes anyway! Everyone gets really dressed up - high heels, fancy dresses and fascinators, and head down to the races or a pub to watch. Me and Tim and his friend Mick from work went down to the race track near us in Randwick to watch races there and place bets on the Melbourne cup. It is crazy how much gambling there is in Australia, every pub has a back room to place bets on anything and everything so as you can imagine it was a huge day for betting on Tuesday! There was a French horse, Americain, who was the favourite to win so I put $20 on him and of course... he lost! I never have much luck with these things. I wanted to get a fascinator (after the royal wedding I've been dying for an excuse to wear one) but they were sold out everywhere! Unless you wanted to pay $100+ which I did not, so I got a little flower headband and tried to fit in with the socialites. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful day, then afterwards we crashed a media party with free drinks and dancing! Oh! And, I have officially moved into my new apartment! Will post pics once I'm all set up :-)

Randwick Race Course

A lovely lady (?) at the after party

Nicola and I, her boyfriend works with Tim

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