Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My new digs

Here are a few pictures of my apartment I'm living in now. It's in Randwick which is the next town over from Tim, about half an hour to the city and 45 mins-an hour to school. I'm right near the beach, about a ten minute walk and there's a bus stop right outside my door. I'm living with a guy named Matt and a girl named Rachel, both students as well and both Australian. They're really nice and we all get along well, so far so good!

My shelves, complete with advent calendar - thanks mom!

I got an app on my phone to take panoramic pics so heres my whole room! (you can click on the picture so see it bigger)

The living room

The rest of the living room and kitchen

The view from my balcony! (that little bit of blue to the left is my ocean view ;-) )

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