Thursday, August 16, 2012

Better Late Than Never... Perth!

Whoops, just came back to add some pictures today and realized I've missed a lot! Sorry guys, here's a quick recap of my trip to Perth in May (yikes!). Tim took me to Perth for a long weekend away as my birthday present. I've never been anywhere on the west coast of Australia so I was excited to check that off my list! We mainly stayed in the city, it was warmer over there but still not hot yet. The first day we went to a beach that looked to be pretty close to another beach down the coast so we decided to walk down. It ended up taking AGES to walk and we were so tired by the end of it but it was gorgeous. We also went out to Swan Valley which is a big wine area, lots of vineyards and restaurants. We rented some bikes and stopped off at different ones to have tastings - the best way to do wine tours! There was this chocolate factory at the end too with free samples and ice cream, yum! On our last day we wanted to get the ferry over to this island called Rottnest Island that's supposed to be amazing but we ended up missing the last ferry! It wasn't bad news though we went to a bar that also brewed its own beer/cider and walked around Frematle, a really cool part of Perth. Perth is a cool city but I couldn't believe how quiet it was! Even on the weekend it wasn't busy at all which was weird. Overall a really nice weekend away though!

Scarborough Beach

Sun setting on our LONG walk

Breakfast in Fremantle

Super attractive - I'm a keeper!


Double Mmm!

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