Thursday, August 16, 2012

The past month in photos!

I haven't had much time to catch up the blog but here are some pictures I've taken since I've been back from my holiday at home. I'm back to being busy with homework at Uni and I got an internship at a media agency! So I am one busy bee at the moment, I will post anything exciting that comes up though! Let the pictures begin...

Chocolate chip banana bread made by yours truly! (second attempt...)

Skating rink on Bondi beach

Hanna made a friend while we picnicked by the beach

Rugby game - Go Rabbitohs!

Patzy in our law class - teacher brought her wig

Classmates - David and Shani

Got up at 5:30 am to watch Olympic opening ceremony! Go Canada!!
 Tim's birthday up the coast - Avoca Beach:


Mom - that's the billabong at the bottom!

Avoca Beach

The Brit's first time on skates!! Partially successful...

Out with the girls - Johanna, Hanna and Sophie

Photobooth with Hanna
 Our friends Jack and Nicola's engagement party!

Katie and I

The infamous Coca-Cola sign in Sydney's Kings Cross

Group shot!

The happy couple - Nicola and Jack

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