Monday, February 7, 2011

Bondi Beachouse

I finally got my new camera and have taken a few pictures of where I have been for the past week. This week has been pretty uneventful so I'm looking forward to my trip up the coast for a little more excitement! My Dad says I need more content so I went out taking pictures today to update everyone back home. On Saturday it was 38 degrees here and then Sunday it went down to 20! Such a drastic change in the weather and I've become so used to the heat that 20 degrees felt freezing (boo hoo, I know!). Yesterday was very grey and today was as well but luckily the sun has come out now and we got to tan a little on the rooftop.

My hostel in Bondi Beach

Our room, 6 share. So happy to get a bottom bunk!

View out my window
Grey days at the beach :(

Some graffiti down by the beach

View from the rooftop of our hostel, Tamarama Beach

Fleur from Holland and Sofie from Denmark, two of my roomates

Tanning on the rooftop

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