Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Jackaroo Hostel

My trip left from a Holiday Inn in an area in Sydney called King's Cross which I would compare most to Hess Village in Hamilton. It's a party place and basically just a kilometre of bars. I was only there for two nights but it was... interesting! It's actually across the street from a place where it's legal to shoot heroine. You get the picture. I think there is a big problem with that here so they put this place so there are clean needles or whatever. Anways, you meet some different people on that street which is why I never went out on those two nights! Can you believe why not!? But on the Friday night at the Jackaroo they did free wine for everyone staying at the hostel. The wine was brutal to drink but it was a fun time meeting everyone and I really liked the girls I was staying with. If the location wasn't so sketchy I would go back!

My roomate Jenny from Ireland

Jeff from Calgary, Jenny and ... Someone else.. haha

Jenny and three boys from Canada (Muskoka and two from B.C)

Fernando from Mexico

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