Friday, February 4, 2011

Canadian Stereotypes

I haven't had a camera the past week so there aren't any new pictures to upload, I've basically been a beach bum all week at Bondi Beach just soaking up the sun and browsing the surf shops. They've got a mall here that is 5 storeys and just enormous! It's got absolutely everything you could ever need, my jaw was to the floor almost the entire time but I resisted! I did get a new camera but my old memory card doesn't fit so I have to get a new one of those too.

But anyway! I thought I would let everyone back home know the kind of stereotypes I've been dealing with down under. I have had to defend our home MANY times while being here. Here are the top things I hear:

1. We don't have summer and there is always snow on the ground.

2. We live in igloos (yes, someone actually asked me that to which I replied "Ya, and I came here on my dogsled too")

3. All we eat is kraft dinner and maple syrup. Okay, I'll admit I've lived up to this stereotype a little. Kraft dinner is just so cheap! It's called Easy Mac here though and isn't quite the same.

4. We say oot and aboot. Some people have called me out for saying out and about with this accent but I really don't think I do! It's mostly Americans and some English who think I say it funny.

5. If someone else is from Canada we know them. I went out last night and said I was Canadian when a Swedish girl's eyes lit up and she grabbed two guys from B.C and asked if we knew each other.

6. We don't have any big cities. A girl from Denmark said all she sees in movies about Canada are small towns, I'm assuming she has only seen Anne of Green Gables.

7. Weed is legalized and everybody smokes it in Canada. This may be true for certain parts... cough cough B.C I'm looking at you.

8. Our men are all lumberjacks who only drink beer and play hockey.

There are countless times that I've been teased for being Canadian! If any of you watch How I Met Your Mother I've been called Robin Sherbotsky a few times! That's where they get all their stereotypes, I love the show but geeze give me a break eh!

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