Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sea Kayaking

On our second day in Surfer`s Paradise everyone split off into their chosen activities. I chose sea kayaking which was a little rough after ladies` night but it was fun! We started off on the coast of Surfer`s Paradise and went a total of 10 km down the bay. We stopped at islands along the way and went snorkeling and stopped for lunch at another one. The weather started off really nice but then it started to pour rain which wasn`t too bad because we`d already gotten wet snorkeling. While we stopped for lunch a wallaby came right up to us! He was super curious I guess, the island was pretty small though so I`m not too sure how he even got there. Overall it was a good activity but by the end of it my arms were killing me!

Surfer`s Paradise Skyline

Trevor and I


Our lunch date

The group from Contiki

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