Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rockhampton: A Night on the Farm

After driving for what felt like ages, completely in the middle of nowhere, we pulled up to a farmstead in Rockhampton, Queensland. Rockhampton is the beef capital of Queensland, my favourite! We were all a little apprehensive about staying on a farm but honestly it was one of my favourite parts of the trip. We stayed at a family owned farmstead that has been in their family for generations. Their property was 26 000 acres!! It takes two hours to drive from one side to the other and they have a helicopter to heard the cattle. The property was so gorgeous though and the family was so sweet you could just tell they were all really close. There was a mother, father, three year old son named Matty and around eight year old daughter named Samantha as well as grandparents and some aunts and uncles.
We got there around 4 o'clock and were told that there would be a tractor ride when you heard the tractor start and dinner when you saw the food come out. We saw a lot of the cows, very different looking from Canadian cows. They are called Raman bulls. After dinner we had karaoke and learned to crack a whip which I could not get the hang of. We hit the hay (excuse the farm pun) pretty early this night only to find hundreds of bugs around our rooms! The boys were on one side and the girls on the other, guess which side all the bugs went to. I could hear squeals and screams all through the night! Other than that, a great experience!

Dining Hall

Pierre retrieving a lost boomerang on the roof

Trevor playing a highly intellectual game of "Guess Who"with Matty

All the cowgirls getting ready for the tractor ride

Some of the cyclone damage

Our accomodation on the farm, built by hand by the family!

Raman bulls in the field

Sunset on the farm

Trevor, Colin and Charlie starting off the karaoke

Trevor and I singing Stuck In The Middle With You (he wanted to do teenage dreams by Katy Perry, you should be proud of my song choice Dad!)

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