Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Surf Camp Round Two

After Port Stephens we left to Coffs Harbour to learn how to surf (or for me, continue surfing) and to stay at a surf camp overnight. The surf lesson was kind of boring for me but it was fun to watch everyone else learning and getting so excited when they got their first wave just like I did. The accomodation at the camp was nowhere near the night before. It was basically cargo containers with beds in them. Lots of bugs and the smell was really not pleasant. That night we had a really good dinner with huge helpings which was so good after a day of surfing. We had nachos, potatoes, salad, pasta and two desserts; apple crumble and chocolate cake. Soo good. After dinner we had some drinks and a camp fire but it's been raining a lot so it was kind of wet that night.

The beach in Coffs Harbour where we surfed

Tom from the UK, it was his birthday hence the outfit/ drinking out of a teapot

Me and Bre in our new surf sweaters

Limbo competition

A whole bunch of canucks!

Emily from England, we roomed together in Bondi and just happened to run into each other at the camp. Small world!

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