Thursday, February 3, 2011

Surf Camp!

First time standing up!
My favourite experience here so far has to be surf camp. It was so much fun learning to surf but it was even better being with the same people for 4 days and actually getting to know them before moving on. Everywhere else you kind of meet someone but they're moving on in the next few days so it was nice to spend a week with so many people learning something new. I was nervous going into it thinking I wouldn't be able to catch on but I stood up in the first lesson! When we first walked out to the beach we do a "surf check" where you check the tide, the wind and the waves. Ideal conditions are high tide, offshore wind and dumping waves (see, I did learn something!). My instructors name was Baker, all the instructors were a lot of fun and easy to get along with, not too bad to look at either! Here are some shots I bought from the camp.

Baker and I

They called me the monster truck after this one, whoops!

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