Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Contiki Tour Begins!

I left for my Contiki tour up the East coast on Sunday the 13th out of Sydney. We were picked up at 7:30 in King's Cross and immediately everyone got to know each other quickly. There are so many Canadians! Out of 42 of us I think about 25-30 are from Canada. We went to a lookout spot in front of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and took a group photo which I bought but I need to scan it to get on here. From there we set off for Port Stephens with a stop in Coff's Harbour. In Port Stephens you had an option of either dolphin watching or sandboarding. I figure I'm more than likely going to see a lot of dolphins on this trip so I tried out sandboarding. It wasn't really anything too exciting, pretty much just tobogganing but on sand. It also started to rain halfway through which didn't help. After that we went on the Port Stephens and I got to sleep in a hotel with my own bed for the first time since I got here. It was AMAZING. We had a buffet dinner on the first night then a big group went back to one of the rooms and we had a starting tour party and got to know everyone really well. It's really nice being with the same people and everyone gets along really well so far. I didn't get any pictures of the sandboarding because we were up on the hill the whole time but here are some pictures of people on the tour from the first night!

Bre from Manitoba, Brett from BC and Julia from Guelph

Bre and Kristin from New Jersey

Trevor from Saskatchewan, Brett and I
Colton from B.C, Alex from Guelph and Colin from England

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