Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sailing the Whitsundays Part Two: A Full Day


In the morning I signed up for scuba diving with 5 other people on the boat. I'd never been able to do it on vacations before because I was too young but I'd always wanted to give it a try. It was so cool! I liked it a lot better than snorkeling because you can actually swim down with the fish and go through the coral walls. A couple people in the group had troubles with their ears or the breathing but I figured it out pretty quickly. We had to wear stinger suits (basically just a latex/nylon suit, not as thick as a wetsuit) whenever we went in the water in the Whitsundays because there are tiny jellyfish everywhere that can shut down your immune system within an hour if you get stung.
After the diving we went over to Whitehaven Beach which everyone has said you have to see and believe me, you do. The sand is 98% silicone making it the finest sand in the world. It was so soft and after rolling around in it my skin felt so nice. The water was like bath water which wasn't very nice after being in the heat all day but it was still gorgeous! After that we sailed to our next anchor point, had dinner and spent the night partying on the boat with the crew, lots of fun! On both nights we took our pillows and blankets onto the deck and slept under the stars. This whole trip went by so fast but the two days on the boat felt so much longer and I wish we could have been there longer. I loved it!

Off to scuba

Sailing to Whitehaven

A sea eagle, hard to see but if you click on the picture its a little bigger

Kristin and I in our extremely flattering stinger suits

Whitehaven Beach

Amazing <3

My room I shared with Kristin, luckily we didn't have to sleep in there because it was boiling hot

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